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Social Development And Research Organization For Afghans(SDROA)
Management Informaion System (MIS)/Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
Social Development and Research Organization for Afghans is a non-governmental organization (SDROA). We are the implementing partner for the U.S. Embassy for Lincoln Learning Centers (LLCs) across Afghanistan. Currently, there are 25 LLCs and they are functional in 22 provinces of Afghanistan. ...The LLCs are equipped with computers, books, magazines and other reading materials. These centers offer educational activities and programs for various audiences. They host several ongoing educational and cultural programs. These centers serve thousands of people all over Afghanistan. The Lincoln Learning Centers are a joint venture between the U.S. Embassy Kabul, and a host institution in the province. Read more
Current Announcements:
IDAnouncement NameClosing 
348 Deputy Coordinator for LLC Nili 20 Aug 2020 View
347 LLC Program Assistant 12 Aug 2020 View
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