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Social Development And Research Organization For Afghans(SDROA)
Management Informaion System (MIS)/Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
Social Development and Research Organization for Afghans is a non-governmental organization (SDROA). SDROA is working 24 provinces and offering educational services to the communities. We are working with the Afghanistan Government and the donors to implement projects serving the nation. ...SDROA is working with the local communities to promote social peace and increase awareness of communities in social, environmental and developmental topics. Read more
Current Announcements:
IDAnouncement NameClosing 
419 EducationUSA Advisor for Herat 03 Dec 2020 View
418 EducationUSA Advisor for Mazar 03 Dec 2020 View
417 TOEFL Instructor for LLC Herat 03 Dec 2020 View
416 English Language Teacher LLC Khost 03 Dec 2020 View
415 English Language Teacher for LLC Mazar 03 Dec 2020 View
414 TOEFL Instructor for ELCLC Kandahar 02 Dec 2020 View
413 TOEFL Instructor for ELCLC Bamyan 02 Dec 2020 View
412 TOEFL Instructor for ELCLC Khost 02 Dec 2020 View
411 TOEFL Instructor for ELCLC Jalalabad 02 Dec 2020 View
410 TOEFL Instructor for ELCLC Kunduz 02 Dec 2020 View
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